Showroom Antic Colonial - Vila-Real, Castellon (Spain)



Among the most important ceramic producers with over 400 showrooms in 80 countries, world, Porcelanosa Grupo chooses Porro design to furnish its headquarters in Vila-Real (Castellón)
The shared passion for wood makes Porro the ideal ally to set up the new spaces of the Antic Colonial showroom, the brand at the top of the range of the ceramic group, a creative reference point in the design of spaces with natural high quality materials.
The strong link between brand and nature is perceived by taking its first steps in the Hall of the Maresìa space, designed by the Pepe Cosìn team, head of the famous Valencian Cosin showroom: an environment in which light-wood, the florid vegetation and the dominant blue color are predominant. recalling the summer heat typical of the Ibizan landscapes and the crystalline Mediterranean Sea.
The living area makes wood, in its countless variations, the leading character. Next to the impressive fireplace, whose burning fire makes the domestic environment very welcoming, is the Mikado cupboard designed by the Swedish designers Front in olive ash wood, with ethereal lines and exotic appeal.
New space, new protagonist. This time it is iron, which gives the name to the iconic Ferro table designed by Piero Lissoni in 1994, made of soldered curved sheet metal and painted glossy white, which is placed in the center of the dining room.
An elegant indoor garden, ideal for relaxing and reading before going to bed, is the trait d’union between the living area and the sleeping area: as well as the waves of the sea, so the Traveller, an elegant and original daybed designed by GamFratesi, wraps and lulls the guests thanks to the presence of two fabric cushions, which soften the strength of the leather side backs.
Both the blue of the water and the sky seems to embody the sea breeze, which gently guides the guest until bedtime: a large blue window marks the beginning of the sleeping area, where Makura, the textile bed made by Piero Lissoni, slightly suspended from the ground, offers a new concept of domestic warmth, between rationality and sensuality. On the wall, the Boutique Mast walk-in closet also bears the signature of Piero Lissoni, a perfect synthesis of technological avant-garde and simplicity: an elegant graphic cage with uprights and hanging rods in burnished brass, and wood containers.
Lastly, standing at the foot of the bed, there are the Balancing Boxes small tables of the Front, consisting of a series of irregularly overlapping wooden boxes, placed next to a monolithic egg-shaped bath, acting as a container for household linen.
A prestigious collaboration and an important visibility, which proves the strong curiosity that Porro arouses also in the foreign markets thanks to the ability of molding different materials.

Project information
Destination: Antic Colonial showroom
Principal: Porcelanosa Grupo
Location: Vila-Real (Castellón)
Interiors: Pepe Cosìn
Year: 2019
Selected Porro products: Mikado, Ferro, Makura, Boutique Mast, Balancing Boxes.
Photo: Rubén Poré