Porro for the Bo di Napoli restaurant in Barcelona



Porro's design enters one of the best restaurants in Barcelona.
From Pompeii to today, Neapolitan cuisine is a delight for the senses: the Bo restaurant offers a diaphanous, modern and intimate space where to savor the gastronomy of Naples, offering a wide range of traditional dishes reinterpreted with a breath of modernity by the chefs.
The furniture contributes to the warm and elegant look of the place, which plays on the contrast between contemporary materials and the exposed brick walls, the furnishings, including the tables Fractal by Piero Lissoni, proposed with L-shaped legs in black painted aluminum and square tops alternately in black lacquer and mongoi essence, and the Gentle chairs by the Swedish designers Front, who reinterpret the archetype of the seat making its shape far more modern and purified.
The project perfectly matches the soft eco-leather-covered back leg level, continuing in the back arch, to the front light wood, becoming arms and a real support for the back. The softened back and the eco-leather upholstery of the seat make the chair far more comfortable, for a real triumph of the senses.

Project Factsheet
Use: Restaurant
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year of realization: 2020
Client: Darna
Porro products: Fractal tables, Gentle chairs