Mirò Hotel – Bilbao (Spain)



The Spindle chairs – a Porro icon designed by Piero Lissoni in 2000 - have been selected to furnish the dining room of the Miro Hotel in Bilbao, a beautiful 4-star hotel ideally positioned for a holiday in the Basque Country and for immersing in the city and discovering its surrounding areas.

Boutique hotel located in the heart of Bilbao opposite the Guggenheim Museum, decorated by the Barcelona fashion designer Antonio Miró, the hotel offers its guests more than 50 rooms and common areas furnished with the best contemporary design, focusing on the use of white pieces of furniture set against a dark floor.

This choice can be seen also in the café / dining room, which has opted for the elegance and practicality of Porro Spindle chairs, characterized by a seat and backrest in a curved white lacquered plywood shell, and a extra-small section chromium-plated wire structure. Extremely resistent, stackable, equally suitable for workplaces, homes and communities, Spindle chairs combine the great lightness of the design and the material with a minimal image, which in addition to the tables, the walls, the lamps and the white curtains create a landscape of great visual purity and vibrant contemporaneity.