Hotel Raddison Blue Resort – Split (Croatia)



The new Radisson Blu Resort complex, not far from the historic centre of Split, in Croatia, is devoting space to the elegant and essential design of Porro.
The project, designed by the GORGONA BÖHM architecture studio of Vienna, proposes the creation of a real oasis of pleasure marked by contemporary design, for those who, even when on holiday, do not forego convenience or aesthetics.
Built for its visitors to relax and have fun, thanks to a private beach, a spa with complete thermal bath services, a casino and a restaurant, the structure harmonises perfectly with the surrounding natural landscape, which is the source of inspiration for the colours and shades to which the various floors of the building are devoted: white, grey, yellow, sky blue and dove white.
Glass, the other protagonist of this space, filters the daylight and, through the large glass walls that close the façade and the balconies, from every corner of this construction it is possible to admire the sea and the marvellous beach facing out onto the Adriatic.
The 25 suites and 156 rooms are distinguished by neutral, basic furnishing: the walls are coloured with the shades selected for each floor and on each of them a motif stands out recalling the marine environment and personalising every room.
The bathroom, on the other hand, is a glass box that is illuminated and takes form according to the differently reflected light.
Finally, used as a dividing wall between the night zone and the bathroom, the wardrobes made to measure by Porro make the environment even more comfortable and functional.
Born as a result of the experience of Storage, the Porro system of closed, open and walk-in wardrobes capable of taking on different configurations, meeting the requirements of each space, the various types supplied recall the colours of the rooms where they are used. The pure, simple form of the parallelepiped is characteristic for the doors, which may be conventional, sliding or on two different sides; inside them, towards the room they conceal a writing desk, this too simple and essential, and towards the bathroom environment a space with shelves, a clothes-stand, two ground-level drawers and a surface with aluminium profiles to house the suitcases.
Functional two-sided wardrobes are available, or else the simpler ones opening on a single side with the back that acts as a partition for the bed, in which a shelf for objects is obtained.
In all the compositions a column can be found, equipped with three practical compartments, containing a safe at the top, a coffee machine in the middle and a fridge-bar at the bottom, optimising the use of the space and giving great liberty of movement.
The multi-purpose Web support surfaces complete the furnishing of the environment discreetly: wall-mounted, they can be used for PC or TV and as a minimal writing desk.
The importance of this project, in view of the number of pieces supplied and the capacity to meet various requirements, offers further confirmation of the quality achieved by Porro in the designing of unitised systems and places the company among the undisputed leaders in the sector and among the main points of reference for the development of made-to-measure projects.

Project information 
Destination: Radisson Blu Resort
Location: Split, Croatia
Surface area:
Year of creation: 2009
Porro products present: Wardrobes and writing desks made-to-measure, Web support surfaces.