Hotel Bocage - Hua Hin (Thailandia)



Hotel Bocage: Porro’s shelter in Hua Hin’s district, Thailand

The acclaimed Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag is the award-winning mind behind the project of the Hotel Bocage opened in 2017, with view on the Gulf of Thailand in the district of Hua Hin, only two hours and a half away from Bangkok. With a wriggle of ingenuity, Bunnag has challenged the tradition of the trendy Asian district, saturated with big resort-style properties, realizing a hotel of design of contained dimensions, where the greatness and the complexity of the surrounding structures are replaced by the fresh and pure simplicity of the Bocage Hotel, intimate shelter, that promises an authentic experience and an unforgettable stay thanks also to Porro’s walk-in closets and furniture.
The structure, provided by just six rooms, ranging in size from 42 to 75 square meters (452 to 807 square feet), has been conceived in order to offer an absolute exclusiveness to guests: elegant rooms open space and suite that makes the sea’s view the proper backdrop, offer the maximum in terms of reservation and refinement.

Realized through the partnership with Boundary, the showroom featuring modern high-end design furniture in Bangkok and historical partner of the company, the Bocage Hotel counts, among its luxurious furniture, the sophisticated Porro’s proposal. 
Quintessence of customization, the Storage walk-in closet, an essential aerial structure sustained by geometric profiles, optionally in the dark tones of “carbone”oak or in neutral color but richly veined “cenere” hemlock, is able to satisfy all organisational and stylistic requirements in every room. The contemporary style of Ferro’s table, designed by Piero Lissoni, towers in the center of the living room. Painted in bronze finish, Porro’s visual icon is made of soldered curved sheet metal. Finally, in the night area, live Offshore, the bedside table of Lissoni, a compact volume that contains inside the preciousness of the drawer and the tray, and the Lipla double bed drawn by Jean Marie Massaud. It is composed of a fabric structure and is characterised by pleasant forms and extreme visual uniformity. With a soft curved shell that faithfully follows the human profile, the comfortable and wrap-around H. Chair by Christophe Pillet, made in leather, frames Join, the white table with circular top of Decoma Design, interchanged to Pietro Lissoni’s Neve chair, an elegant layout of lines in black dyed ash. The Modern writing desk with drawer, elegantly wall-mounted on a panel, is a light and functional solution, that combines the types of desks, closed containers and support surface, offering multiple possibilities for use. The Modern bench with Lama foot, featured by the form of an inverted C and stylized lines, delineates the television area, completing Porro’s offer for the Hotel Bocage.
A sober luxury, away from eccentric limelights, in which the formal cleaning, the geometry of the forms and the functionality typical of the refined Porro’s furnishes stands out, characterized by a contemporary and impeccable design, added to a great attention to comfort.

Project inforamation
Use: Hotellerie
Location: Hua Hin’s district, Thailand
Architect: Duangrit Bunnag
Porro products: Storage walk-in closet, Ferro table, Offshore bedside table, Lipla double bed, H.Chair and Neve chairs, Join table, Modern writing desk and bench
Year: 2017