Elzenduin Hotel – Terheijde An Zee (Netherlands)



The warmth, elegance and clear lines of Porro design are combined with the atmospheres and charming views of an old Dutch fishing village in the new Hotel Elzenduin in Ter Heijde aan Zee (The Netherlands).
Conceived for a modern metropolitan clientele with a nomadic spirit, the hotel came out from an idea by chef-hotelier Marco Westmaas of “feeling at home even far from home”, offering the warmth typical of domestic environments, the luxury of Italian furnishings designed by Piero Lissoni, the peace and quiet and inspirations of the Dutch natural landscape and an innovative menu that experiments with special combinations based on a favourite ingredient: fish.
Porro has contributed not only to the furnishing of the 27 bedrooms, but also of the restaurant and conference rooms, and this project has offered the precious opportunity to show its capacity to enter every ambiance of a hotel, thanks to proposals satisfying all needs of the night and day areas and of the living and working spaces.

In the bedrooms, views of sand dunes are accompanied by an ethereal atmosphere, yet without foregoing a typically urban concept of comfort: the Modulor bed with structure, headboard and base in carbone oak is combined with soft leather pillows, while on the walls the Modern writing desk with glossy chalk white wall-mounted top and matt chalk white back panel, for those who need space to work when travelling too, is completed with two Modern wall units with bar handles.

In Julia's restaurant, with views of the open kitchen where the food is prepared using ingredients from all over the world, Join carbone oak small tables have been chosen in the special round shape with 120cm diameter or the 90x80cm rectangular format. A System carbone oak accessoried composition alternating between open shelves, worktops and closed storage units contains the breakfast crockery and cutlery, while a Storage walk-in closet with carbone oak fittings meets all the cloakroom requirements.
The 4 meeting rooms are also furnished in a way that harmonize with the hotel rooms, to stimulate discussion and creativity. Conch armchairs with swivel base and fabric covering are gathered around black lacquered Ram tables in the 150x150cm square and 260x100cm rectangular formats, arranged in groups to create an orderly yet convivial atmosphere.
Slider safari grey shelves, Modern glossy white drawers with metal handles, Load-It wall-mounted bookcases with carbone oak hanging panels and steel shelves complete the scene, for settings that are all about visual purity and a discreet and modifiable design with the typically Italian elegance of which Porro is a figurehead worldwide.

Project information 
Use: Elzeduin Hotel, www.elzenduin.com
Client: Hilco Tem Hoeve Rotterdam Bv
Location: Ter Heijde aan Zee (Netherlands)
Year of Construction: 2008
Porro products present: Modern writing desk, Modern wall unit, Modulor bed, Conch armchair, RAM table, Storage wardrobe, System accessoried wall, Load-It bookcase, Modern drawer unit, Slider shelf.