18.13 La cucina del teatro – Como (Italy)



Pure volumes, pale colours with touches of red and the minimal design of Porro have been chosen for the new restaurant at the Teatro Sociale in Como, inaugurated last Saturday, 9 October 2010, in Piazza Verdi.
Connected to the theatre via a corridor coloured bright red that leads to the counter of the bar, opening into an attractive star motif, “18.13 La cucina del teatro” is distinguished by a pleasant double-height dining area entirely furnished with the latest proposals by Porro, the design brand founded in Brianza but famous all over the world for its immediately identifiable style and the high quality of its project proposals.

Fractal 90x90cm square tables with white painted aluminium structure and matt moon white lacquered high resistance top and Neve white natural stained ash chairs with a minimalist purity have been chosen for the space on the ground floor, looking out onto a pleasant outside area where it is possible to dine during the milder months, while the upper floor benefits from the warmth of natural woods and suffused lighting.

For a large group, an initial environment is devised furnished with the Synapsis 3-metre-long table with white structure and moon white gloss lacquered top and Neve armchair, chosen here in the black stained ash finish. Among the new creations by Piero Lissoni, Neve reinterprets the classic wooden chair in a contemporary style. While the supporting structure is characterised by a layout of clear lines of various thicknesses, slightly inclined, giving it a pleasantly aerodynamic air, the roundness of the spindle legs and the soft curve of the back and the suspended seat soften its figure, making it extremely intimate and pleasant. The scene is lit by two Shadow Light lamps in the pendant version by Swedish designers Front. When off they have a tidy and minimal design, in tune with the furnishing brand that has made elegant formal simplicity its calling card. However, thanks to their special “double skin” lampshade, an external white diffuser that conceals a chromed semi-dome inside studded with holes of various diameters, for a system of shadows and multiple reflections, once turned on they are covered in dots, projecting a fun and charming dotted motif throughout the room, a cascade of little bubbles to make the air more sparkling.

Another common area then proceeds into the two environments with vaulted ceilings overhanging the space below. Here white Fractal 80x80cm square tables are accompanied by Neve black stained ash chairs, while on the wall, an Endless Shelf carbone oak bookcase with black aluminium joints and low feet, with its fun square shape conceived by Werner Aisslinger, satisfies the storage needs of the dining room.
Finally, among the most captivating new proposals by Porro, the Neve armchair in bright fire red finish, perfectly in tune with the strong colours and pronounced forms of this space, which has the task of attracting and welcoming spectators before and after theatre shows, and of hosting events and experimental performances in its own right.

Project information

Use: 18.13 La cucina del teatro
Client: Vert srl
Location: Piazza Verdi 11, 22100 Como (CO)
Architectural and Interior Design: Arkham Project. Arch. Luca Ambrosini and Arch. Marco Longatti
Year of Construction: 2010
Porro products present: 1 Synapsis 300x90cm table, 15 Fractal 80x80cm tables, 16 Fractal 90x90cm tables, 32 Neve white stained natural ash armchairs, 10 Neve black stained ash armchairs, 2 Neve red stained ash armchairs, 42 Neve black stained ash chairs, 1 Endless Shelf 115cmx36xh230cm bookcase.

18.13 La cucina del teatro
Piazza Verdi 11, 22100 Como
T. +39 031 242562