Flats for Arper directors – Treviso (Italy)



The refined essences and the elegant functionality of Porro design were chosen by architects Fabrizio Denina and Nicola Manfredi from Studio Rifugio to renovate the new company flats reserved to the directors of the Treviso-based furniture firm Arper.

With an important presence of its systems for the living area as well as for the sleeping area and a broad overview of its furniture accessories, Porro is among the protagonists of the interior design, which renovated three flats in a four-family villa + garden in one of the residential areas near the old town centre of Treviso, combining the minimalistic outline of furniture with the strong colour of walls and Vintage lamps and objects, in order to provide all settings with strength and character, for a fresh, modern living area.

In theatrical, deco flat n.2, visitors enter a living area with forest green walls, exposed wooden white-painted beams, a black and white carpet with an optical pattern and the variety of volumes of Modern, the system of containers and suspended tops by Porro, presented in a composition that includes glossy spring green lacquered board with drawer and suspended shelf and eucalyptus vertical hanging containers. A few highlights of the blue bedroom include the clear volumes of the Shin bed with its black stained ash frame and large tortora leather back cushions, whereas the wardrobe includes the self-bearing walk-in closet Storage Air with its interior fittings and “carbone” oak suspended drawer units. The pinkish dining room, with blue, red, orange and green details, is instead completed by a stylish Tiller low cupboard in eucalyptus, one of the 16 essences in Porro’s wood collection, whose doors open on each other thanks to their special hinge, providing it with a beautiful, all-changing look. A stylish detail is also represented by the mirror Reflection with its satin-finished bronze varnished metal structure.

In flat n.3 with its marine setting created by the surf boards on the wall, the aqua green bedroom is customised by a white Offshore bed with its ivory-lacquered bed headboard and the inlaid Inlay chest of drawers with its decorations recalling a composition of parallelepipeds intersecting through space, obtained through the mixture of four different oak shades. In the white bedroom the simplicity of D.Blue bed prevails, with its light leather headboard, whereas clothes can be put in the Storage wardrobe with its sabbia doors and “carbone” oak interiors and in the Storage wardrobe with its tortora doors and its mongoi interiors. In the light blue living area, the TV set is held in a Modern container with eucalyptus closed elements and a cioccolato lacquered open volume.

Chromatic combinations also stand out in flat n.4: in the beige living area System, the modular bookcase with the typical open shelves which make it an essential piece of furniture for domestic and working environments, it customises space through naturalness, displaying one of the new essences of Porro, eucalyptus. A Modern tv set stands by the opposite wall, with its Moon white board and suspended shelf, whereas on the back of the sofa two Modern azzurro cielo chests of drawers with their push-pull handle can contain several objects. In the green dining room a stylish detail is provided by the Mikado cupboard with its ethereal look and its exotic flavour, consisting in a double sequence of wooden batons in olive ash wood, tilted and shifted, which let half-view the interior. In the bedroom the male outline of the Shin bed with its black stained ash frame and wide black leather back cushions and the Storage wardrobe with its denim doors and “cenere” hemlock interiors. In the hallway, the angular composition of the Storage wardrobe with its tortora, handle-less Riff doors and “Carbone” ash interiors contains clothes and coats.

Project information
Destination: company flats Arper.
Principal: Claudio Feltrin.
Location: Viale Vittorio Veneto, Treviso.
Interior design: Arch. Fabrizio Denina and Nicola Manfredi, Studio Rifugio.
Selected Porro products: system of containers and suspended tops Modern, system of bookcases and equipped walls System, system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets Storage, cupboard Mikado, bed D.Blue, bed Offshore, bed Shin, chest of drawers Inlay, low cupboard Tiller, self-bearing walk-in closet Storage Air, mirror Reflection.
Furniture: Porro, Elmar, Arper, Verzelloni, Arcom, Davide Groppi, Foscarini.
Finishings: Kerakoll.
Fabrics: Kuishi.

Photographer: Samuel Alexander Acevedo.