Vienna Penthouse



In the heart of Renaissance Vienna lies this attic, a minimal and modern pearl designed by the Steininger.designers team. The living room, illuminated by beams of light conveyed by the large windows, plays on shades of white, which instill purity, cleanliness and elegance. On the wall, the Modern hanging sideboard designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro offers a functional container for the living area, leading the eyes through the imaginary lines traced by the furniture. The bedroom, with its strong geometry, gradually fades its colors, from the most gentle white passing through gray, ending with the dark notes of the Storage Battente wardrobe, with Iron crystal doors and internal lighting, a transparent architecture designed by Lissoni in collaboration with the Porro Research Centre.

Project Factsheet
Use: Penthouse
Client: Private
Location: Wien (Austria)
Interior design: SteiningerDesigners
Year of Construction: 2018
Porro products present: Hinged Storage wardrobe and Modern hanging sideboard.