Apartment in Wien



High above Vienna, the classical tradition blends with modern exclusive design. The charm of an old Viennese apartment of the late nineteenth century is enhanced by the project of Steininger.designers, among Porro's best international retailers. The apartment is dominated by a bright, straightforward spatial effect that highlights the fineness of ancient doors, walls and ceilings. The contemporary design fits discreetly, favoring comfort and quality of materials: such as the Hinged Storage wardrobe, an architectural sign bringing harmony and sober elegance in the bedroom.
The fair and elegant doors hide functional interiors, in contrast with the contemporary imperturbability of external white surfaces.

Project Factsheet
Use: private house
Client: Private
Location: Vienna (Austria)
Interior design: SteiningerDesigners
Year of Construction: 2008
Porro products present: Storage wardrobe.