Geometrical creativity - Wien (Austria)



A complete and functional program, the Storage wardrobes designed by Piero Lissoni in collaboration with Porro research centre allows to express the creativity thanks to the range of fittings and the wide number of units, as shown by the bespoke solution designed by Steininger.designers for a Viennese private penthouse. The dressing room, in the warm shades of “cenere” hemlock, is custom made for the apartment, following its rigorous geometry of the shapes and lines, guaranteeing an excellent organization of the interior space. Leading to the minimal, elegant and functional sleeping area, a Pivot door by Decoma Design: a wide mobile partition that, by rotating around a hinge, is able to close the room and divide the spaces providing dynamism.

Project Factsheet
Use: private house
Client: Private
Location: Wien (Austria)
Interior design: SteiningerDesigners
Year of Construction: 2018
Porro products present: Pivot partitions and Storage wardrobe.