Law firm - Milan (Italy)



The Homework collection, conceived by Piero Lissoni by transforming a number of Porro proposals originally created for the home for office use, has been chosen to furnish the quality interiors of the offices of a law firm in Piazza Cairoli in the heart of Milan.
The project, handled by the staff of the Duriniquindici showroom, freely combines the original interiors, with ceilings, doors and windows made of wood richly carved with floral motifs, with the contemporary approach of Porro furnishings, which, thanks to their linearity and neutrality, demonstrate their capacity to fit into every context.
While for the meeting room with its view over the Castello Sforzesco the table is Beam Glass with glass top and polished aluminium legs, Ram is selected for the executive offices, with its light profile, a perfect synthesis between project content and the structural resistance of steel.
In the first environment, which is characterised by the choice of white as the dominant colour, two Ram tables with white lacquered steel structure and white back-painted glass top, are complemented by storage units on castors and by the System bookcase, for an overall effect of lightness and purity.
In the second environment, on the other hand, two Ram tables with black lacquered steel structure and black back-painted glass top are proposed with Como chairs with Carbone oak structure and seat made of orange fabric, for a visually richer, more luxurious proposal.

Project Factsheet
Use: law firm
Client: Private
Location: Milan (Italy)
Designer: Porro Showroom, Via Durini 15
Surface Area: 400 m2 approx.
Year of Construction: 2007
Porro products present: Modern, System, Ram tables, Beam Glass table, Lario and Como chairs