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Combinations for all atmospheres.
A play of combinations for ever-changing atmospheres.
By dosing “ingredients” and mixing finishings with creativity, interiors acquire a special flavour: from 50s style to Nordic naturalism, from French Decorativism to New York minimalism, just to cite a few, while staying true to Porro’s impeccable design.
Discover our suggested moods and choose your favourite one.

New York loft

/ A total black&white look for an airy open space with an industrial, contemporary appeal: an environment deprived of the constraints of a traditional domestic architecture where several environments co-exist. The choice of materials is inspired by a minimalist, substantially male style: black stained wood, steel, marble, leather, brass, smoke crystal. The entire palette consists in a variation of grey tones, ranging from white to black. This setting is decorated by the basic, yet sculpture-like outline of the black-varnished steel Metallico table and the rigorous yet soft outline of Neve chairs in black stained ash. The stylish daybed Traveller is centre stage with its side backrests in dark brown leather with a “saddle effect”; a Modern cupboard with bianco moon lacquered doors and open units in black stained hemlock creates a graphic play on the background. The Balancing Boxes coffee table is instead dressed in white, an abstract work of art in space.

French Dining

/ An environment with a sophisticated flavour, where soft tones like panna and avorio match the warmth of richly grained woods, like heat treated elm and mongoi. Curved lines, geometrical patterns and the extreme technical quality of Porro furniture: French decorativism merges with the best Italian design and the Bohemian atmosphere acquires a strong, contemporary flavour. In the middle of the room an Ellipse Table, an actual composition of volumes, matches the sinuous lines of Garda upholstered armchairs. The charming look of this dining room is strengthen by Ex-Libris, a bookcase that is delightful to see and to touch, designed to contain and expose large collections protected by its crystal doors.

50s living

/ Solid woods, strong chromatisms, graphic plays: a manifesto-home with a 50s imagination, beautified by pieces that display industrial manufacturing as well as items recalling handicraft. A versatility that is never accidental, where each visual contrast is accurately studied. The Ghiaccio armchair in natural ash with a cherry-coloured fabric upholstery and the Modern cupboard with a tailoring esprit, matching wooden closed and open units with matt Rosso Cina, Giallo Zolfo and Blu Reale interiors. Contrasts between bulky and empty spaces enliven the System bookcase in heat treated walnut and transparent crystal sliding doors, framing the dining room. The plasticity of the Galileo table in heat-treated ash, with an oval surface and sensually tapered legs, comes with the rigorous yet soft lines of Neve, in red stained ash, reinterpreting traditional wooden chairs with a contemporary style.

Japanese Night

/ An oasis of quietness with an Eastern elegance. A setting characterised by austere beauty, a zen shelter where time seems to have stopped. China red, denim and chocolate colour, fabrics ranging from grey to blue, and the delicate, reassuring warmth of wood surrounding the whole setting. Clothes are kept, as if to create a secret room, in the Storage dressing room, presented in the expressive mongoi finishing and in an angular composition which alternates open modules and closed units closed by crystal doors with the Iron frame, along with the Acquario chest of drawers. The quiet and cosy bedroom is dominated by the blond, sweet tones of the Taiko bed in heat-treated elm, a unique mix of rigorous geometry and inviting softness.

Nordic naturalism

/ Delicate colours, clear woods and melange fabrics evoking the rigorous, pure beauty of Scandinavian landscapes. A bedroom characterised by extreme architectural elegance chooses nautical lightness and the graphical linearity of Boutique Mast, a walk-in closet recalling the masts of a boat where large sails spread out: an elegant graphic cage characterized by reduced thickness circular metal uprights where to fit cantilevered glider-wing shelves and wide mirrors. The middle of the room is occupied by the Shin bed, characterised by a simple, well-finished appearance and consisting of a solid structure and an appealing headboard, in contrast with the steel tubular foodboard. The Soft Chair upholstered armchair in panna colour merges with the soft tones of the whole setting, recalling the purity of snow.

Design-addicted living

/ The art of living in a creative way: furniture with a strong personality and a pop, completely customisable palette. The icons of Porro design are hosted by this environment designed for those who are not afraid of minimalism, but who still love daring combinations. The Load-it bookcase with steel shelves and wall panels, customised with Modern storage units with wooden exteriors and matt lacquered interiors, the softly bending Ferro table, the two-coloured Gentle chairs, that combine the soft ecoleather of black back legs continuing in the back arch, to the pale wood of the front legs that turn into armrests and support for the back.

Rivisited Neoclassical style

/ The charm of classical style revisited with a contemporary touch. Airy, light spaces hosting delicate shapes, outside time schemes and temporary trends. Porro rewrites the canons of the past by originally mixing white tones, woven fabrics and essences of tradition, to defend and modernise. A scenic System bookcase closes off the living room: an equipped wall that focuses on its high material impact and on the sense of movement of the its glass hinged doors. The Tiller cupboard, with its 180° opening doors changing the drawing on its front time and time again, is made precious by the eucalyptus finish. In the middle of the room the Ghiaccio armchair with ash structure and fabric covered seat is accompanied by the 3Table coffee table composed by 3 different tops, playing on its unexpected movements and rich finishings.

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