2023 news

Thin thicknesses, movement, transparencies and extremely clear wood nuances characterise the evolution of the systems – the main tool to define a framework that, if needed, can disappear, while structuring and dividing space with freedom. In the collections, pieces of furniture with everyday functionality and concreteness become new classic must-haves, in combination with extraordinary items with a disruptive character: distinct notes that together compose the chords of an ever-changing music.

ROMBY armchair, designed by Gamfratesi

From the transformation of the Romby chair designed by GamFratesi in 2020 and which smoothly and slowly turned into the “manifesto” item of Porro design with its ability to instantly convey the typical geometric purity, manufacturing excellence and artisanal flavour of the brand, comes the new Romby armchair for all-round use, opening up new possibilities in the home office and contract sector. The shapes of the padded shell seem to blossom, widening and rising to create the armrests, releasing a new, unprecedented feeling of softness and naturalness, but still retaining the lightness and minimalism of the original model. The truncated cone base, on the other hand, gives way to the convenience of 4 central wooden legs, a sort of change of clothes with the visual effect of a full, suspended upper volume that seems to take flight, in the name of cosiness and functionality.

EX-LIBRIS, designed by Piero Lissoni

A showcase with a precious look and feel, Ex-Libris stands out in the space thanks to its metal frame painted in Rosso Antico: an eye-striking choice in contrast with the dark base and top in Black Sugi melamine, that highlights the items displayed inside this evocative box enclosed by Iron doors in transparent glass.

MODERN, designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro

Porro takes research into shapes and materials a step further also in the Modern storage system for the living area, introducing the possibility of adding glass side panels in its square module. Highlighting lightness and playing with transparency, the new Window module of Modern creates new suspended landscapes that overcome gravity and open up new interpretations of objects, peeking into the intimacy of drawers. A project with a precise creative identity, capable of evolving year after year and surprising with new appeal.

For those who love intense and strong atmospheres, the new black river finish features a marked woodgrain pattern for a vibrant and sensual space.

STORAGE, designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro

Arranging the space with purity: the airy and regular pace of the Storage wardrobe gives rhythm to the space, inviting you to linger over the tactile and visual details of the woods of the Porro collection – the result of the brand’s continuous research into new finishes.

An off-white shade, which reveals the light grain pattern, characterises the new white ash finishing, leading to projects with a clear, graphic design devoted to rigour and contemplation, or rather to delicate interiors marked by spatial harmony and free of redundancies.

As the epitome of Porro’s customisation abilities, Storage experiments with an unprecedented freedom of combination. The finishes of the frame and metal parts, until now strictly tone-on-tone, are mixed: extra-light white ash surfaces are juxtaposed with dark metal elements with unpredictable results, without fear of daring and lighting up the atmosphere with an interplay of surprising contrasts.

In the Storage Hinged wardrobe, the iconic Iron door – characterised by a thick metal profile with an architectural design enclosing a minimalist glass surface – is now turned into the new Portrait door, with the possibility of adding a solid panel in a variety of finishes, such as straw, fabric, leather, wood, thus experimenting with a new visual richness.

The embedded lighting characterizing the Dressing Room and Hinged Wardrobe, is now also available for the Boiserie and Walk-in Closet thanks to the electrified pole. Light thus becomes the new key component of Storage as well as the common feature of the different designs.

The Storage interiors are also available in the new eucalyptus23 melamine finish, that replaces the eucalyptus melamine with an even more faithful reproduction of the original colour and grain of the wood from which it takes its inspiration, and which is halfway between the light shades of white cherry and the black ones of black sugi.

STORAGE ISOLA, designed by Piero Lissoni

New is the Storage Isola drawer unit, which takes the unique standard equipment of Storage night system to the middle of the room and matches it in an infinite range of options: with a screen-printed glass top, an open compartment, the drawer unit on the front. It’s a new multifunctional container, designed to complete the dressing room at home and in sophisticated contract settings.

GLIDE, designed by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio

As a careful observer of the changes in living and with its ability to interpret new aspects of everyday life, Porro broadens its outreach on the architectural scale of the project, in the name of a changing and elegant dynamism. The Glide sliding partition system launched in 2021 and upgraded last year expands further to create sequential living spaces that follow one another seamlessly: Porro’s is a home without imposed schemes, where furnishings and architecture merge and blend freely.

The Glide family, featuring the transparent Glide_Miru, the solid Glide_Kyoto, Glide_Samurai alternating transparent and matt surfaces and Glide_Shanghai, with its slats applied onto the glass for an evocative see-through motif, includes the new Glide_Kyoto sliding partitions with a double-sided effect, to connect rooms with two different finishes – woven straw on one side and melamine on the other, or a straw finish on both sides. new eucalyptus23 melamine finish, that replaces the eucalyptus melamine with an even more faithful reproduction of the original colour and grain of the wood from which it takes its inspiration, and which is halfway between the light shades of white cherry and the black ones of black sugi.

LAYER, designed by CRS Porro

Porro covers with fluidity spaces through Layer, the new square-meter paneling system that makes it possible to apply on the surfaces all Porro finishes, from glossy and matt lacquers to essences, up to fabrics, eco-leathers and straw, for new material effects all to be explored.

Characterized by ease of use and fastening, the Layer offerers compositional freedom and combining together architectural thought and handcrafted touch.

LINEA, designed by Alessandro Mendini

An explosion of colour, pure energy, a patchwork of inlaid cellulose acetate surfaces: through an accurate search in the Alessandro Mendini Archive conducted together with Fulvia and Elisa Mendini to rediscover timeless design pieces not yet manufactured, Porro brings to light 3 new incredible storage units. An open cupboard with an open compartment and a drawer, a closed cupboard with 2 hinged doors, and a writing desk with a flap top and internal partitions, raised on a dark base – all featuring solid parts with optical geometric motifs in juxtaposition with coloured empty spaces. These 3 new objects, issued in a limited series of 50 pieces each, epitomize a free use, outside the standards and logic of industrial production, to be fully explored in everyday life.

"The name Linea was chosen because the composition of the volumes as well as of the decorations of these items is based on the intersection of a few precise straight lines, whose interplay in elevation and in plan defines the entire look and feel, the entire function of the product." 2015, Alessandro Mendini

Bold pieces with a radical design, in which red, blue and light blue details, illuminated by the light shades of yellow and white and made deep by black in chiaroscuro, tell about the need for decoration in contemporary life, eschewing a minimalism tout-court: an ode to creativity, to the beauty of craftsmanship and to the value of quality beyond the ages, revealing at the same time the fascination with an extraordinary talent, and also a homage to a great master of design like Alessandro Mendini.