Porro's never-ending research efforts on shapes, materials and technologies, performed side by side with its Art Director, Piero Lissoni, result in new evolutions of the modular systems, that are increasingly becoming true living space architectures. From the electrification that is embedded in the system, thus entirely eliminating wires and making light the protagonist, to the development of special mechanisms that allow doors to move and close – turning into doors to secret rooms and backstage – up to the introduction of new materials: this year’s research focuses on utmost flexibility and visual purity, for unique and unrepeatable bespoke solutions to be designed every time with the end customers according to their individual and personal desires.
At the same time, Porro combines its expertise with the creative energies of designers, in an exchange between cultures and styles that enriches the brand’s collections with new classics and future icons. The concept of luxury is redefined by sobriety, rigour and continuous experimentation on designs and finishes, resulting in items that are on the borderline between art, decoration and design.

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