Porro’s design in a spectacular waterfront apartment in New York



Interior project by West Chin Architects & Interior Designers, in collaboration with West I Out East

New Yorkers are obsessed with the view, and this flat in Dumbo/ Brooklyn designed for a television executive is proof of this: a spectacular project in which the view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and surrounding waterfront guarantees entertainment 24/7, almost like living in an Imax movie. Curated by West Chin Architects & Interior Designers, the project was built in 2019 with the aim of breathing new life into the flat, to expand its space and make it usable and liveable with great craftsmanship and design. Porro’s retailer in the Big Apple, West | Out East, supplied some of the furnishings for this charming home as the wide Modern composition in the living room, with a white lacquered board, sliding door and back panel on which grey hanging elements and shelves are hung, reflecting the elegance and essentiality of the interior design. Articulated and flexible modular system of containers, it is conceived to design spaces through clear and essential signs defined by the rigour of the shapes and the quality of the finishes and of the design. In the dining room another Porro’s product, the Load-it bookcase designed by Wolfgang Tolk in 1995, is a classic that has maintained its strong iconic character over the years, gradually acquiring new functions and design possibilities. A versatile bookcase that can be used for a variety of everyday functions, the Load-it was designed as a custom bar and is composed by white lacquered wall panels combined with steel slender protruding shelves where books and objects seem to float. Also in a combination of white and grey, it perfectly matches the purist concept chosen for the flat.

Project details
Destination: Apartment
Client: Private
Location, New York City, USA
Interior design: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers
Retailer: West | Out East
Porro products: compositions Modern + Load-It, design Piero Lissoni and Wolfang Tolk
Year of production: 2019

Photographer: DYLAN CHANDLER