Light Atmosphere - Invitation


Porro Duriniquindici lights up with Ambientec Japanese accent lamps
Past and future, technology and poetry, innovation and handmade.
From December 1, Porro renews the lighting design of its Milanese home, the Porro Duriniquindici showroom, hosting the Japanese light design brand Ambientec.
Porro’s collections and systems – real home architectures where the purity of design, if looked at carefully, reveals accurate manual processes and technological details – intertwine with Ambientec sophisticated portable lamps, for sale to the public in Milan on exclusive basis throughout the Christmas period. They blend a jeweller’s craftsmanship with the rigor of optical science in essential and poetic forms, for a new conception of the accent lamp as a work of functional art, something to build a personal and sentimental relationship with.
Nomadic objects that travel to us from the future and speak to memories of the past, something to carry with you from room to room in any situation: Ambientec creations, with their soft and delicate lighting, are an ideal accessory in Porro’s home – pervaded by an idea of flexibility, permeability and comfort, with cocooning spaces that close and expand in interaction with their inhabitants, to meet their changing needs and dynamic and fluid lifestyles. Porro furnishings moreover often enclose a particular research on light, impalpable material able to transform and give a particular identity to every project, ranging from the integrated technology of the Storage closets to the punctual museum-like light of the Load-it bookcase.
Tailor-made environments where each meticulously designed object tells a story, evokes memories and releases all the love with which it was created, they testify to the continuous creative research, the never-ending experimentation on materials and technologies and the forward-looking vision that binds the two brands, geographically distant but united by common values and a passion for quality design.

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