Romby armchair, design GamFratesi 2023


From the transformation of the Romby chair designed by GamFratesi in 2020 and which smoothly and slowly turned into the “manifesto” item of Porro design with its ability to instantly convey the typical geometric purity, manufacturing excellence and artisanal flavour of the brand, comes the new Romby armchair for all-round use, opening up new possibilities in the home office and contract sector.

“Three features of the new Romby chair: it’s iconic, is graphic, and is generous.
Even if the shape is quite compact, you will feel a lot of space around, and it's very comfortable. It’s graphic because it captures the same characteristics of the Romby without the arms. And then we think it's iconic, because it’s a very unique chair.
With a new base, which has almost the same shape, it’s like it’s carved out from the cone, so it’s a little bit lighter, but still having the same shape. And then we’re having it with the armrest now. So it’s a little bit more generous and it’s
embracing you, giving you a different comfort for the arm. We think it’s still a very iconic chair and it was a very natural evolution.
We truly believe there is a distinct connection between us and Porro, since we both looking very much for simplicity: every time we design a product, we never try to forget about making a product that is very distinct and having indeed a very high quality”. 

Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi

The shapes of the padded shell seem to blossom, widening and rising to create the armrests, releasing a new, unprecedented feeling of softness and naturalness, but still retaining the lightness and minimalism of the original model.
The truncated cone base, on the other hand, gives way to the convenience of 4 central wooden legs, a sort of change of clothes with the visual effect of a full, suspended upper volume that seems to take flight, in the name of cosiness and functionality.

Armchair: L. 627 x H. 805 x P. 533 mm. 

Base in black stained ash or natural ash. Covering in fabric, leather, Nabuk leather and eco-leather.