Nid e Sixte chairs, design Christophe Pillet 2024


After having worked together on iconic products such as the Nouvelle Vague chaise longue, the Jade lounge chair and the Shahnan coffee table, Porro reunites with French designer Christophe Pillet to initiate a dialogue, a confrontation and an exchange of ideas on one of the company’s key objects: the chair.

“This year for Porro I designed, I should say we designed, because it is a group work, two chairs. A chair is not a creative object, because a chair has already existed for 5,000 years with four legs, a backrest and a seat. So, it is not that we invent a chair, we made this object carry our stories and those of many, many other architects, with a new generation's view”. Christophe Pillet

NID Design Christophe Pillet 2024
Christophe Pillet’s long experience in balancing comfort and essentiality, as well as his refined taste for detail, is evident in the new Nid chair, which builds a conceptual bridge between history and contemporary design, made up of cross-references, quotations and new paths. The extreme abstraction of the chair’s silhouette - a softly padded ash shell - meets various options for the base. From the warmth of the 4 legs in solid wood, the company’s favourite material, designed for home interiors, to the functionality and robustness of the 4 legs in die-cast aluminium suitable for contract spaces. As a sculpted essence, Nid is a dialogue between design and craftsmanship, merging harmony and gentleness, giving new life to an uninterrupted design thinking process.

SIXTE Design Christophe Pillet 2024
The new Sixte dining chair effortlessly enters Porro’s creative habitat, bringing a touch of Parisian style and a new dimension of relaxation. Its essential and comfortable shapes take inspiration from the seats designed by Giuseppe Terragni for the Sant'Elia nursery school in Como, paying homage to the rationalist architect and thinker and his first experiments on tubular curvature and cantilever seating, in the name of simplicity and functionality. The curved tubular steel slide creates a continuous design in space, accommodating the two thickly padded curved cushions of the seat and backrest, covered in fabric or leather, with visible bespoke stitching. A blend of fluidity and elegance, relaxed posture and retro charm, Sixte highlights the tactile aspect of materials and is designed for a space of connection and conviviality, both at home and in contract spaces. Born from an idea of comfort that is informal and chic at the same time, Sixte is designed to be part of a real family: in addition to the dining chair, there is also the armchair with armrests, designed for both the home and the hospitality context.