A model of growth with respect for the individual


The company promotes a screening initiative for its female workers

An international brand that has kept its roots firmly planted in its territory over the years, Porro is promoting a screening initiative for its female workers, in collaboration with Oniro Group. On Thursday, 20 July, all female employees of the two furniture companies will be offered a free breast ultrasound examination, to which mammography will be added from the age of 40.

"In our company, women are present in all sectors," explains Maria Porro, Marketing and Communication Manager of Porro S.p.A.. "We are happy to be able to offer these diagnostic examinations, aware that prevention is fundamental today and in our commitment as a company to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our employees by constantly increasing company welfare initiatives. Ours is a family business where long-term working relationships are cultivated, people walk or cycle to work, and lunch breaks are longer for those who wish to return home, shorter for those who prefer to stay in the company. Porro, in its small as well as in its big choices, has always privileged environmental and social responsibility, embracing a growth model that creates innovation while fully respecting people and the surrounding environment'.

For Porro, the importance and attention to people are applied in a working environment characterised by an architecture that protects and enhances each individual operator. Bright, clean, quiet working environments are priorities̀ to be constantly applied, to always guarantee the best working space.
Since 2000 Porro’s production plant has been working in natural light thanks to the unique concept of the new factory, with a perimeter surface entirely made of windows overlooking the greenery. The roof is also 50 percent glass and the other half is made of photovoltaic panels with which it produces energy. Thanks to the glazed perimeter surfaces and the working hours that change with the seasons, the factory works in natural light without electricity consumption on 80 per cent of the days per year. Working in natural light means quality of the workplace for employees, better control of the quality of wooden essences and other materials and an incredible reduction in energy consumption.
To ensure the wellbeing of the workers, there is also a control of the air quality standards in the production unit with the recording of values 10 times lower than the European limits for wood particulates: a detail that tells how Porro's strategic investments have always been oriented towards a constant improvement in the quality of the workplace, production processes and products.