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Storage Ciliegio White

As the main protagonist of the new scenarios, brand’s visiting card and quintessence of its bespoke possibilities, the Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre is revolutionised from a manufacturing standpoint. The traditional 25x45mm upright was replaced by the new 25x25mm profile in order to further increase the aerial sensation of extreme lightness: a technical evolution in the name of utmost visual cleanliness that makes Porro wardrobe experience even more intense and exciting.

Porro in the new showroom “West | Out East – Connecticut Cottage” in Westport

We are proud to announce that Porro's collaborations in America continue to grow. In addition to the West I Out East showrooms in New York and in the Hamptons, Porro products are also arrived to the Connecticut Cottage, West I Out east just-opened showroom in Westport: the local resource for the Connecticut’s design community and new avenue for modern design in this design-forward, suburban destination

The Left Bench in the Japanese-inspired set by Elle Decor Italia

Thanks to Elle Decor Italia for choosing our Left Bench to furnish a magnificent Japanese-inspired space: tea time overlooking the garden. The Left bench by Piero Lissoni is a versatile component for the living area, particularly suitable to be placed in front of the sofa, with its eye-catching black-stained hemlock surface and the special inverted T-shaped metal foot, to combine minimalist shapes with sophisticated details in a versatile and passe-partout creation.


Below are some of the numerous items of Porro output in the International press in February.



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