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The last frontier for customization, and a key ingredient of Porro material research, is the idea of intervening with soft fabric parts which are placed inside the Storage system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets, transformed into true precious chests where one can place one’s clothes and objects....


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Hotel Lutetia - Parigi (France)

Porro's expertise in the supply of bespoke furniture embellishes one of the most prestigious interventions of the current international architectural scene. The Italian brand, internationally reknowned for the accurate research on finishes and the high aesthetical and technical quality of its furnishings, has in fact been entrusted with the realization of almost all the complements designed by the French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte for the renovation of the historical Hotel Lutetia in Paris, which reopened its doors on July 12th...


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Enigmi Collection @ Porro Duriniquindici, Milan

The great tradition of the Berber master craftsmen is reinterpreted in a contemporary way in the collection of pure wool rugs designed by Elisa Ossino for Porro. In collaboration with Kasthall. From October 17th 2018 @ Porro Duriniquindici, Via Durini 15 Milan.


Porro @ Next Design Perspectives 2018

As partner of Fondazione Altagamma, Porro is thrilled to announce the appointment with Next Design Perspectives 2018, the international conference on the most innovative trends in creativity and design, on October 30th 2018 at La Triennale di Milano.


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Discover the provocative shot of Pierpaolo Ferrari of the "Boutique Mast" by Piero Lissoni for Porro, in the October issue of Icon Design.
Photo credits: Pierpaolo Ferrari x ICON Design
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Below are some of the numerous items of Porro output in the International press in september.



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