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The contemporaneity of a classic: Load-it bookcase

Designed by Wolfgang Tolk in 1995 and featuring protruding shelves that cut through the space, the Load-it bookshelving system is a Porro classic that has maintained its strong iconic value over the years, progressively acquiring new functions and design options. Originally developed as an all-white bookcase that disappears into the wall, creating the effect of a succession of books suspended in the air, it has changed its look over the years, adding new materials and finishes without losing the recognisability and expressive power of a design that is at the same time simple and disruptive.

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New Porro Showroom in Chongqing

As one of the most appreciated design brands in the world thanks to its architectural viewpoint in the design of space and to an ideal of beauty made of pure shapes, extremely accurate workmanship and research on materials and technologies, Porro celebrates the inauguration of the new showroom in Chongqing, a fascinating Chinese city of mountains and rivers with a millenary history behind it, but also a gigantic metropolis that tells of the incredible development that the country is experiencing and speaks of a future to be built.

New Hide Hid Hidden catalogue

In the new Hide Hid Hidden catalog, available in A4 and A5 format, Porro continues his reflection on the theme of the house: an intimate microcosm hidden to the most, where you can build your own universe and cultivate your dreams. A story where thoughts, real ambiances and the poetic drawings of the Japanese illustrator Jon Yoko follow one another lightly, moving among the areas Living & Dining, Home / Office, Night. As the tailor fits a tailored suit to the body’s silhouette, gliding along its contours, embracing its imperfections, making its essence tangible, Porro enters homes with grace and respect, composing architectural systems and furnishings, balancing textures, materials and shapes, blending elements into a visual unicum, where simplicity and naturalness are never the starting point, but rather the point of arrival.

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Press Review

Below are some of the numerous items of Porro output in the International press in June.



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