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Porro values narrated by the digital storytelling by Sfelab: cutting-edge production and craftmanship

Because of its specialization in systems, Porro has always offered a bespoke service, creating tailor-made solutions, dimensionally, typologically and in the choice of finishes. The natural propensity of Porro to make a bespoke product, became structural in 2018 by virtue of the technological innovation of its production processes, thanks to the new plant replacing the production of standard size panels with a just in time production of panels based on a customer’s order, in a view of personalization, quality and sustainability.

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Single-family house with Porro design in the green of Franciacorta

The best contemporary design dialogues with the lush greenery of Nature in the single-family house designed by Marco Carini Studio in the hills of Franciacorta.

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The house is tinged with red

A simple and geometric design and all the charm of red to light up the space. The result of manual or technological processings, red is one of Porro's most fascinating finishes, ranging from carmine red, antique red to China red on the systems and products of its collection.

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Byron bed on the cover of H.O.M.E. magazine

The perfect place to rest! The soft shape of Byron bed by @PieroLissoni for Porro, with the sophisticated detail of the woven straw screen with chiaroscuro effects, is featured in the cover of H.O.M.E. design magazine, Novembre issue In the magazine’s pages, an immersion into the sophisticated Porro’s night area, where the light shape of Byron bed contrasts with the dark black sugi surfaces of Storage dressing room, mixing transparent elements with its perfect geometries.

Porro on Italian Design Factories

Italian Design Factories is the volume of the Gold Series of Interni Magazine that collects and describes the leading companies in Italian Design. Like Porro, founded in 1925 in Brianza, from the start adopting a policy of innovation as a response to the evolution of the world, without ever losing the firm’s close ties with the traditional processes typical of the local territory. Architectural spatiality, formal purity, material research, a concern for detail and sustainable thinking are the fundamentals of the brand’s international success, testified by the widespread sales network, like the new Shanghai monobrand opened in partnership with Fuyicasa or the new showroom in New York in collaboration with West I Out East.

Press Review

Below are some of the numerous items of Porro output in the International press in November and December 2021.



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