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News 2021: Glide, designed by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio

Porro’s spaces are created and connected by the new Glide sliding doors, large custom-made wings characterized by a metal L-shaped profile that provides a frame to various transparent and non-transparent materials.

"Porro in the Deep” @ Porro Duriniquindici - Milano Design City 2021

With the “Porro In the Deep” exhibition, taking place in the Milan showroom at Via Durini 15 from 12 to 23 April during the Milan Designer’s Week, Porro showcases its unique vision of the design project. Through real settings and digital insights, Porro goes deeper and deeper into detail to reveal its DNA as well as the technical and design challenge behind the apparent simplicity of each creation.

Piero Lissoni presents: Glide

“Let’s put it this way: if I had to define Glide in this moment, I would say they are like windows inside a house, partitions that allow the light to move within the house”. Piero Lissoni describes Glide, the new sliding doors creating and connecting Porro’s ambiances, fully integrated with all the brand’s systems. Large custom-made wings characterized by a metal L-shaped profile that provides a frame to various transparent and non-transparent materials: not mere partitions, but an element that interacts with the typical home architecture.

Piero Lissoni, guest editor of Grazia magazine

Grazia launches a special issue that sees Piero Lissoni for the first time in the role of guest editor of a magazine. In this extraordinary issue he dialogues with great personalities to find connections between different worlds, whose portraits bear the name of the great photographer Giovanni Gastel: from the world-famous architects and designers Philippe Starck and Mario Bellini to the mayors of Milan Beppe Sala and Paris Anne Hidalgo, to Maria Porro, President of Assarredo and Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager of Altagamma.

Interview with Maria Porro on Internimagazine.it

Maria Porro, head of marketing and communication Porro, tells Laura Traldi and Interni Magazine about the new collections and takes stock of the position of her company and of consumers feelings on the subject of sustainability.

Materic table on Interni magazine, April 2021

"The story from which Materic was born is this one: to design a table that does not have precise positions, mixing an almost religious model of conviviality with a more friendly way to sit around it, and so we thought of a round table, with the rotating tray that is always found on Chinese tables, but made with more craftsmanship"

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