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We are proud to introduce you our new interactive catalogue: an innovative and dynamic tool that presents Porro’s vision of the home for 2020-202, boasting real digital interaction. As the result of a long investigation and research process to match the inclusion of special contents with the visual cleanliness, simplicity and straightforwardness that have always characterized Porro’s language, the new interactive catalogue offers a unique experience to the readers thanks to various creative techniques, that enhance the description of the new settings developed by the brand confirming its propensity to explore new grounds. The page remains visually clean, so that you can quickly go through and see the different interiors, but while scrolling with the mouse you can link additional digital contents in different categories: video clips of the product, still life images, moodboards of the space and all the finishes available for each item.

Lullaby for Gabriele Colangelo's
boutiques in China

The versatility and impeccable beauty of Porro's products is in the foreground: Lullaby armchairs by Nicola Gallizia have been chosen by fashion designer Gabriele Colangelo to furnish the new boutiques in Beijing and Shanghai, the brand's first physical stores in China.

The contemporaneity of a classic: Load-It, designed by Wolfgang Tolk + CRS Porro

Designed by Wolfgang Tolk in 1995 and characterised by protruding shelves that cut through the space, the Load-it bookshelf system is a classic Porro item that has managed to maintain its strong iconic appeal over the years, progressively acquiring new functions and design possibilities in combination with the Modern cabinet system.

Gentle chair in the “Nuevos Nomades”
story of AD Spain

Thanks to AD Spain and to the photographer Cristina Vaquero, the Gentle chair by Front appears in a completely new setting, in the Castillio de Buñol. The result of a daydream, the Gentle chair stands out for its lightness that takes you "into the clouds" to ensure a unique relaxation and comfort, enhanced by the faux leather upholstery of the seat. Stolen from a fairy tale, directly coming from a children book, it reinterprets the archetype of the seat, updating its forms and purifying them. A set of natural and essential shapes and colors, for a totemic tribal figure, exalting craftmanship.


Below are some of the numerous items of Porro output in the International press in February.



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