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Think globally act locally: Porro presents the Shanghai store designed by Kevin Hsu Porro closes 2020 looking to the East.

Three years after the official opening of its Shanghai monobrand store in partnership with Fuyicasa, the historic Italian design brand has completely renovated its “manifesto” showroom in China, entrusting the architectural design project to Asian architect and interior designer Kevin Hsu.

OFFSHORE, designed by: Piero Lissoni

A total look in wood for the Offshore cupboard, with natural maple inside and black open-pore stained ash outside, ideal complement to the dining room for storing plates, glasses and cutlery.

Porro presents HYLE, the bookmark-house made of poplar

Talent and creativity, exquisite craftsmanship and the idea of an inclusive society that believes in collaboration and in the cross- contamination among different realities with the aim of building culture together. Resulting from the delicate and feminine hand of designer Elisa Ossino, Hyle is a bookmark-house, an abstract living sculpture where a book can be laid open in-between reading sessions to keep the place between the pages, paying homage to Porro’s privileged place of action, that today is more than ever a symbol of shelter, protection and love.

ROMBY honoured at the Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year Awards Geometric

Geometric allure and retro look are the key elements of the new Romby padded chair by GamFratesi, with its abstract charm. The solid wood truncated cone base, featuring a flared shape with segments obtained through an exquisite cabinet-making workmanship, is connected to a soft, compact, padded swivel seat.

Press Review

Below are some of the numerous items of Porro output in the International press in October and November.



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