Porro values narrated by the digital storytelling by Sfelab: cutting-edge production and craftmanship

Because of its specialization in systems, Porro has always offered a bespoke service, creating tailor-made solutions, dimensionally, typologically and in the choice of finishes.
The natural propensity of Porro to make a bespoke product, became structural in 2018 by virtue of the technological innovation of its production processes, thanks to the new plant replacing the production of standard size panels with a just in time production of panels based on a customer’s order, in a view of personalization, quality and sustainability.
The realization still involves manual phases, such as the processing of veneers, selected and combined manually with great wisdom. The eye, the hand and the human taste are fundamental to obtain continuous "made to measure" surfaces, where one can read a direct thread between who designs and who realizes.