Porro Duriniquindici, via Durini 15, Milano

Abstraction and concreteness, technology and handmade, durability and sustainable footprint: Porro renews the environments of its Milanese home, the Duriniquindici showroom, staging its vision of living in a fluid and uninterrupted path, inhabited by the latest news and the most representative pieces of its collection.
The two floors of the showroom offer the opportunity to experience in articulated spaces the versatility of Porro's architectural systems, freed from the constraint of modularity, thanks to the new production plant that since 2018 has replaced the processing of standard panels with that of just-in-time cut panels based on the customer's order, eliminating the warehouse of semi-finished products and reducing waste with a view to sustainability.
From the office to the sleeping area, from the living to the dining room, the brand moves with the freedom of a craftsman and the elegant precision of a tailor, outlining the new 2021 scenarios: the main protagonist is Storage, the complete and versatile closet system designed back in 2000 and the subject of an important aesthetic and functional evolution, which acts in combination with the Modern system of containers for the living area, the System system of bookcases and equipped units, the Boutique Mast system characterised by nautical lightness and the new Glide sliding doors, which screen and connect the various functions, thus turning from separation to open view in an instant.