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The magic of light, the expressiveness of the decoration, the delicacy of nature.

For the Christmas period, the Porro Duriniquindici showroom is transformed and the pure forms of the Porro systems and collections welcome the fabrics of the Japonaise collection by Backhausen, the delicate Ambientec atmosphere lamps and the green creations of the plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto, for unexpected interiors, in the sign of a new harmony.
In the Porro house, East and West dialogue in perfect balance in a game of references and reciprocal inspirations, to create a tailor-made refuge for its inhabitants, a synthesis of their passions, where to rediscover the slow rhythm of the seasons and of holidays, the value of important ties and the joy of small things.

Downstairs in the large living area, a pleasant conversation area revolves around the Kite Sofa by GamFratesi with cushions in black fabric upholstery with white circle decoration, combined with the Kite armchairs in the same fabric but in alternating colors, a tribute to the elegance of the Japanese tradition of kimonos updated through modern color combinations and a very high-quality yarn.
The Panca Left by Piero Lissoni with an avorio lacquered top and Left metal foot hosts a site-specific creation by plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto, who composes together amazingly shaped dried flowers, plants and leaves with the candle-lamps Hymn by Hiroto Yoshizoe for Ambientec, rethinking the way in which people relate to plants in their daily habitat, chosen with the same attention and care as a dress or furniture.

The geometric purity and the beauty of the materials are again protagonists in the dining room, gathered around the Ryoba table designed by Piero Lissoni in solid olive ash with triangular section legs that create a trestle on which the long and narrow material top rests, for a new intimate conviviality that respects the natural dimensions of the tree.
Grace and intimacy also distinguish the Nebbia chair by Piero Lissoni, with legs in solid black-stained ash wood and shell-shaped backrest and seat upholstered in Koi fabric, already chosen on the upper floor, and here proposed in bolder color combinations, with brown-gold fish that stand out from a base in shades of gray and blue.
A green composition by Satoshi Kawamoto embellishes the interior with curious scents, pigments and silhouettes, matched to the lantern-lamp Turn+ by Nao Tamura for Ambientec, enhancing the emotions that nature transmits to us, its relaxing power and the spectacle of its change over time.
The two Modern day compositions are concealed by the Glide Samurai sliding partitions freely inspired by the patterns of the Japanese house, which allow to combine different textures and shapes, transparent and opaque, creating suggestive windows and unexpected views inside the Duriniquindici showroom.

In the round room set up with the Materic table by Piero Lissoni in the version with a round gray valentine marble top and a solid black-stained ash base and the Romby armchairs by GamFratesi, the Melt chandelier by Swedish designers Front for Tom Dixon lights up the scene. With its series of distorted spherical lights, half-metallized to create an extraordinary optic effect which casts an ethereal luminosity in their surroundings, result of the mix of high technology and dreams, it testifies to the bond between Porro and the English brand, hosting Porro’s new London showroom in its headquarters at the Coal Office since September.

On the upper floor the visitor is welcomed by a large System composition designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro in eucalyptus essence with backdrops of the "grande luce" modules covered in woven straw. It is possible to sit comfortably on the long shelf, thanks to the cushions covered in fabrics in shades of beige from the Japonaise collection by Backhausen, which depict the motifs of the oriental tradition developed with new, abstract and geometric variations, by the masters of the Viennese Secession. Among them the poetic “Koi”, based on an original drawing by Koloman Moser, which depicts the Japanese carp, a symbol of beauty for its bright colors, of perseverance for its swimming against the current and a wish for good luck.
Amplifies the scenographic effect of this small domestic architecture, the soft lighting of the Turn, Turn +, Hymn and Xtal lamps by Ambientec, which combine high jewelery workmanship and optical science in essential and poetic forms, displayed side by side to create a magical play of light and shadow.

In the dining-room or studio, the Materic Ovale table by Piero Lissoni, with oval top and truncated cone base both in Latte ash, an extra-clear Nordic-inspired finish, vibrates in the space, enchanting with the delicate shades of nature, in perfect combination with the Voyage chairs by GamFratesi with structure in natural maple and close-fitting leather upholstery, expertly cut and sewn.

In the bedroom, extreme visual uniformity characterizes the iconic Lipla bed designed by Jean Marie Massaud for Porro in 2005, with a vibrant contemporary feel. The dynamism of its lines is accentuated by the black Backhausen fabric with a dense white dotted decoration. The back unit acts as a base for the Turn lamp by Nao Tamura for Ambientec.

In the reading corner, the Lullaby armchair designed by Nicola Gallizia wears a black & white fabric with wavy lines, inspired by the swaying of the picturesque Japanese rice fields moved by the wind, which enhances its sophisticated details such as the curved solid black-stained ash structure and the cuvée foot.
On the Palladio coffee table by GamFratesi, the Sage cordless lamp designed by Nao Tamura for Ambientec, inspired by the plant world with its delicate design that evokes the open leaves of a plant, projects a light that seems to live and breathe.
A special and out of the ordinary house, the result of the mixture of different creative instances and the dialogue between apparently opposite worlds, which releases the enveloping warmth that comes from the harmonious union of differences.

Porro Duriniquindici, via Durini 15, Milan. From 24 November 2022.
Tel. +39 02 76394408 durini15@porro.com www.porrodurini15.com
Opening hours. Tuesday - Saturday, h. 10.00 – 19.00 Monday closed.
Special Openings. Sunday 4/11/18 December, h. 11.00-14.00 and 15.00-18.00. 7/ 8 December, h. 10.00-14.00 and 15.00-19.00. Thursday 15 December, h. 10-22.00 Natale Durini District.