Woodenland installation by Piero Lissoni arrives in Tokyo at e’interiors


“Woodenland” installation by Piero Lissoni, presented at Porro duriniquindici during the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, arrives in Tokyo at e'interiors, the 580sm 4-storey showroom devoted to the iconic creations by the Italian architect who is responsible for the renovation of its spaces and the furnishing project.

A suggestive path to tell Porro’s savoir-faire on wood, where the regular grid of the System bookcase is transformed into a natural labyrinth in which to discover the 16 different essences of the new collection of Porro woods. A file rouge guides the visitor, helping him or her to orient themselves through the finishes. Showing “on its own skin” the new essences, System modules the space in the pursuit of naturalness, in a gradual passage of colours and textures. The path begins with the fashionable woods of the Next category, characterized by special technical and aesthetic properties and rich colorations. It continues with two familiar types of wood, well known in Porro environments: natural hemlock and black stained hemlock, part of the Evergreen category that includes the woods characterizing Porro brand and which unleash its DNA. Although not physically displayed, the wooden essences from the Heritage category are available upon request; they are a tribute to the woods of tradition, to be defended and renewed.

Inside System, all kinds of objets trouvés - boxes, bags, corsets, dishes, televisions, bottles and food - all line up one after the other and continue on for 60 linear meters, suggesting combinations of materials and shades with the idea that the wood in both Porro’s systems and products is an ingredient that can be chosen to your liking, like what usually happens with fabric, relying on the highest quality of a Porro selection.