The house is tinged with red


A simple and geometric design and all the charm of red to light up the space. The result of manual or technological processings, red is one of Porro's most fascinating finishes, ranging from carmine red, antique red to China red on the systems and products of its collection. The ideal ingredient to brighten up interiors, without renouncing the sophisticated taste and incredible savoir-faire of the brand. Welcome Red!


Modern + Load-it, design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro
A Modern + Load-it full-height composition frames a full-length window. The Modern base and suspended top in eucalyptus are combined with the upper Load-It bookcase with steel shelves and wall panels, where a Modern hanging element with rosso cina lacquered drop-leaf door and 4 vitrines, equipped with enlightened transparent shelves and rosso cina backs, are inserted. A harmonious whole where furniture and architecture fuse together to design and complete the space.

CURRY, Design Piero Lissoni
Suitable for large spaces, the Curry daybed stands out for its solid wood frame and deliberately exaggerated trapezoidal seat. Its pleasantly distorted shape creates an asymmetrical chair that opens itself up to new forms of relaxation. Curry features a precious workmanship of its back and armrests, that are made of black-stained solid oak and woven straw stretched on the frame. The sofa comes with a seating cushion, with sewn stitches, and two pairs of soft goose-down cushions.

FERRO, Design Piero Lissoni
Refined details and a strong visual identity characterize Ferro, the table favouring a curved sinuous line, with rounded edges and wide-ranging connections. For the living area, the calibrated design of Ferro is declined in the low table version, h.400 mm: a visual icon with a light aesthetics, perfect in the centre of a room for a sophisticated but convivial atmosphere, portraying an innate elegance. Made of soldered curved metal sheet, painted glossy white or black, rosso antico, grigio porfido, bronze effect finish or in stainless steel it is available in fixed or customizable dimensions, also in the outdoor version.


Metallico, Design Piero Lissoni
The Metallico table is characterized by the lightness of its top and legs, made of a 12 mm thick solid aluminium sheet. The sophisticated detail of the connection between leg and table top shows the power of the technology used, that provides for rigorous lines and a reduced thickness –thus resulting in an extremely elegant combination. Its unique finishing is obtained through a high-thickness catalyzed coating, followed by manual polishing and waxing. The essential and sculptural shapes of Metallico create a contemporary industrial charm to the table that stands out as it is comfortable, to be shared with friends. It can easily host 8 people sitting as for the rectangular version L.2480 x P.980 mm and the square versions up to 10 people for the rectangular table L.2980 x P.980 mm.

FRANK, Design Piero Lissoni
New convenience and expressive possibilities are brought to the dining room by the Frank armchair. Its design unites 3 distinct elements in a harmonious indissoluble whole: the soft, enveloping shell-shaped back, the solid, robust brass or iron painted metal legs that gain momentum thanks to their variable circular section, and the padded seat with elastic straps, providing superior comfort.

OFFSHORE, Design Piero Lissoni
Without forgetting craftsmanship, the series of Offshore containers is characterized by fluctuating colours which evoke abstract painting and express the retro flavor of oriental furniture. Made of ash wood, they come in an open-pore stained finish featuring all the colours of Porro’s collection or in a special carminio ash finish – obtained through repeated manual steps, thanks to which the grain, previously darkened with black tones, comes to the surface in a fascinating dark red colour. Thanks to a special 45° connection between shelf, sides and top – the result of an accurate manufacturing process – Offshore features a volume that is perfectly finished on all sides, thus allowing it to be positioned in the middle of a room. The opening is also unusual, featuring a special built-in handle, i.e. a completely metal-plated hole that provides for newly-discovered tactile sensations. As a real totem for the home, the Offshore high sideboard in carminio ash wood with contrasting natural maple interiors and a triangular section leg is the ideal solution for storing plates, glasses and cutlery. It comes in the standard version with 4 doors or in a more dynamic version with 3 doors and 3 drawers. The upper compartment features an internal drawer, where to neatly store cutlery, as well as an intermediate shelf for glasses.

ROMBY, Design GamFratesi
Geometric allure and retro-styled design are the key elements of the new Romby armchair by GamFratesi, with its abstract charm. The truncated cone base in solid ash wood, natural or black stained, whose flared shape is obtained through slices made with great cabinet-making skills, is connected to a soft and compact padded swivel seat covered in leather and fabric. Perfect in a dining room or in a working environment with a cosy atmosphere, as well as a stand-alone element, Romby is a cocoon armchair with impeccable proportions and workmanship, which embraces the body while leaving it free to move, enveloping it with a feeling of great lightness. A project that fits perfectly into the Porro universe, which has always been characterised by minimalist designs and great craftsmanship.

GAP, Design Carlo Tamborini
Thanks to its compact size, the Gap hanging bookcase is a precious and versatile solution to light up and furnish any part of the home in a spectacular way – choosing between two valuable metallic finishes: rosso cina and grigio piombo. It is made up of a back panel, thin shelves and an external metal frame acting as a strong aesthetic element, with built-in LED lighting.