Porro with Sfera Design at the Interior Mebel fair in Kiev


7-10 February 2018

For the second consecutive year, Porro participates in the Interior Mabel fair, the most prestigious Interior Design Exhibition in Ukraine, taking place from 7th to the 10th of February.
The booth, created in collaboration with Sfera Design showroom, representative of the leading Italian design brands in Kiev, aspires to attract the public of architects and designers who can choose from a wide range of products and at the same time rely on the brand’s inclination towards bespoke service. As a matter of fact, Porro provides designers with its own know-how for the production of furniture and an amazing selection of finishings to create impeccable objects and pieces of furniture with an ever-changing flavour, mirroring one’s own personality.

Enclosed in a wooden structure, the wardrobe area represents the quintessence of Porro’s customization.
Here Bespoke is not only expressed by the original and cutting-edge space solutions and by the accuracy of finishes for doors and interiors, but also by the rationality and the optimisation of interiors, so that the objects inside – one’s most beloved shirts, clothes and accessories – are not only safe and orderly, but also exposed and valued, with the extreme attention to hidden details that makes the wardrobe Porro different from all others, a world aside.
The comfortable and cozy dressing room contains various elements of the Storage and Boutique Mast systems of wardrobes and walk-in closets, creating a new flexible room thanks to the wide selection of typologies and accessories.
If the Pull-out Sliding Storage with glossy lacquered doors and mongoi interiors is a veritable treasure chest for clothes, the Hinged Storage with reflex glass doors hides the view of the interiors with elegance and protection, next to the refined Shoe Rack with bent enlightened shelves.

The ambiance is completed by the Boutique Mast walk-in closet, an elegant graphical cage characterized by thin circular metallic uprights in burnished brass, large cantilevered glider-wing shelves in eucalyptus and a large mirror: a solution with a high aesthetic impact conceived for a boutique or the home of a hedonist, destined for the contemplation and care of oneself.
At the centre of the dressing room, the Isola chest of drawers offers a practical holding solution to be positioned in the wardrobe, where drawers are matched with removable trays thus offering ideal units to hold and exhibit in perfect order.

Modern, the flexible and eclectic system of containers, defines the living area. The geometric pattern of a Modern + Load-it composition offers an eye-catching mix of bookcase, storage element and display unit, combining Load-It shelves and wall panels in eucalyptus to Modern wooden hanging elements. The ambiance is enlivened by the colorful Sidewall bookcases with pivoting base, presented in the giallo mustard and blu reale glossy lacquer: a totem presence dynamically customizing any ambience.
All details suggest how Porro production is able to cover the functional needs of both private houses and the most elegant shops, thanks to the combination of purity of design, richness of the range and variety of finishes.
With this important collaboration, the new Sfera Design showroom is elected as the new point of reference in Kiev for the Italian brand that reaffirms its strength on the foreign markets and the ability to create always different atmospheres, thanks to a tailoring approach which allows to personalize each product according to the customer’s own taste.

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