Maria Porro, the fourth generation and head of marketing and communication Porro, took part at the design talk “Italian design factories” organized at the Shanghai Exhibition Center by Interni magazine, during the Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai.
"The experience of home is something universal that unites all the people of all the countries of the world, but every house is different from all the others because it is created by the people who live there: every house is UNIQUE. Porro has always tried to face this diversity with the utmost respect, knowing how to respond with customized answers to specific questions thanks to the flexibility of its systems, the incredibly wide range of finishes, the different functional solutions “ - Maria Porro explained. It is for these characteristics that the brand was chosen everywhere in the world for the creation of headquarters of important multinationals, for residential projects or hospitality, whenever a customer wants a unique and special project. "It is true that every house is UNIQUE and different, and every Porro furniture is unique and for this reason different, there are values like the quality of the place in which one lives that are common and shared, and the quality of the materials, of the processes, design, product and project have always been a daily obsession for Porro ".
"What makes Porro special is exactly this dual approach, on one hand the tailor-made made-tu-measure approach, on the other the consistency of always aiming for the best quality and the respect for a pure aesthetic.

It is precisely for this reason that our company has chosen to revolutionize its production method with an important investment that from 2018 allows the production of systems on the specific order, and therefore to give a precise and just in time response to the specific needs of the market" - has told Maria Porro.
"Porro marries the flexibility of a craftsman and the quality and productivity of an extremely evolved industry. In this way the company has become extremely competitive and flexible both in providing individual products than in large supplies, like that one completed here in Shenzen last year with 513 different wardrobes for the important Park Manor View residential towers in Shenzen Bay. We think this innovative approach is very interesting also for the Chinese market where we work every day with architects and interior designers with whom we carry out very high level projects where the furniture is able to design and create the space, where the furniture becomes an integral part of the architecture”.