Harmonies in black and white


Harmonies in black and white for interiors with a sophisticated and timeless charm, where walls fade away leaving the scene to architectural systems and furnishings with essential and sculptural shapes. An ode to purity and elegance in the most classic of color combinations.


Storage, design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro
Black Sugi is the dark and enveloping finish, extremely sophisticated, at the same time ancient and modern chosen for Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms. Combined with a black painted metal structure, it offers a matte black-ink surface with marked veins, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Sou Sugi Ban, which protected the cedar wood by burning it with coal.

Byron, design Piero Lissoni
A textile bed with an intimate and compact shape, Byron is made up of 3 elements: the high upholstered bed frame slightly raised from the floor, the soft headboard where to linger falling asleep and the screen at the bottom that seems to embrace the space and protect your sleep.
Soft lines and rounded edges characterise the textile part of the bed, with the sophisticated detail of the screen with solid black stained ash base that encloses a straw weave with black and white houndstooth graphic pattern, in balance between contemporary and memory, concrete and abstract.

Glide, design Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio
With their clean yet materially rich design, Glide doors integrate perfectly into the Storage closet project, lightly defining a new architecture of space where traditional spaces are expanded and reshaped in a new way. In addition to glass and to wood, doors also come in the technological surfaces, like black sugi, that combine high resistance and refined textures to ensure perfect uniformity even to the widest and most articulated compositions.


System, design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro
The large System composition in eucalyptus wood combines an elegant and convenient base element with drawers with a long shelf on top, where you can place your TV set and various objects as you wish or sit comfortably on the optional quilted leather cushion, an empty space in the middle with a back panel covered in woven straw – featuring a delicate and non-invasive texture that perfectly matches wood – and the transparent glass elements with an iron frame above, perfect for displaying rich collections inside. The LED lighting creates a magical interplay of light and shadow, enhancing the impact of this small piece of home architecture.

Lullaby, design Nicola Gallizia
Minimal and graphic, the black and white version of the Lullaby lounge chair by Nicola Gallizia exalts its unusual configuration and inclination, evoking the comfort and the act of cradling. Its immediate and pleasant-sounding name is almost onomatopoeic: the “L” recalls the shape of the wooden legs, while “U” identifies the armchair on the floor plan, in addition to recall a rocking motion.

Panca Left, design Piero Lissoni
Designed for the living area, with its eye-catching black-stained hemlock surface and the special inverted T-shaped metal foot, the Panca Left combines minimalist shapes with sophisticated details, for a versatile, universal item.
It was created by combining two distinctive elements of Modern: a wooden top with pure lines and the peculiar Left foot. The result is an ideal coffee table for living areas, of great character.

Kite Sofa, design GamFratesi
A natural evolution of the eponymous armchair, Kite Sofa is fit for a living space with its plastic shape resembling a seashell. With its compact outline, Kite Sofa unveils its refined details to a keen eye: balanced thicknesses, accurate proportions and the elegant curve of the tubular structure that encircles its internal padding.


Pascal, design Piero Lissoni
With its aerial yet extremely robust sections, the Pascal table adapts its look to suit the personal taste of those who choose it for their home, a restaurant or an office. The Sahara Noir marble top, contrasting with the industrial wing structure in die-cast aluminium, iron colour epoxy painted, shows its luxurious soul while remaining loyal to Porro’s minimalist style and contemporary look.

Offshore, Design Piero Lissoni
Made of moon white open-pore stained ash wood with a special 45° connection between shelf, sides and top – the result of an accurate manufacturing process – Offshore features a volume that is perfectly finished on all sides, thus allowing it to be positioned in the middle of a room.
The 6-drawer dresser offers a large storage capacity, thanks to its drawers in birch plywood plated with natural maple, equipped with a double extraction guide for a comfortable and complete opening. As a real totem for the home, the Offshore high sideboard with a triangular section leg is the ideal solution for storing plates, glasses and cutlery. The opening is also unusual, featuring a special built-in handle, i.e. a completely metal-plated hole that provides for newly-discovered tactile sensations.

Pioggia, design Piero Lissoni
Plain but with character, Pioggia fits both a dining room and office spaces as well as contract settings. Its structure is made of black-stained solid ash, with visibly tapered legs that perfectly match the soft design of the comfortable padded seat, with white fabric covering, featuring an excellent workmanship. Pioggia can be customized thanks to the mix of fabrics available for the upholstery and the wide range of structure finishes – a palette ranging from soft nuances to strong colour contrasts, to offer endless design possibilities.