Dining Room Furniture To Store Tableware


Among Porro's privileged fields of action, dining room furniture offer the opportunity to experiment with flexible and technological solutions, with character. Miniature architectures that define the space, characterizing it with their pure shapes, sophisticated materials and hi-tech details.

GALLERY, Design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
A clean and rational architectural space, the Gallery cupboard is crossed by an horizontal cut between two broad wooden wings. The two doors, sliding upward and downwards, reveal a rich and functional interior space, ideal for storing valuable tableware. The appeal of this sideboard is also the peculiar effect created by the lighted back panel that highlights the internal matt lacquered shelves, available in one of the colors of the collection. The light of the back panel can be dimmed and set from cold to warm through a remote control. Thanks to the internal drawers and shelves, the dishes, the silverware and the most beautiful glasses can be stored and organized in perfect order. Available in a hanging version or on a metal base, or in the low version with a single sliding door, Gallery fits into a space like an abstract painting, that, upon the arrival of guests, yields the stage to a sophisticated service vitrine in the dining room.

GALLERY LOW CUPBOARD, Design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
With an interplay of contrasting finishes, Gallery Low Cupboard combines the fine wood texture of door and side panels with the shiny lacquers of its interiors. The mirror back panel, the inner light and the valuable marble top make this single-door cupboard unique.

EX-LIBRIS, Design Piero Lissoni
Closed with glass doors featuring an iron profile, Ex-Libris is a self-standing glass cabinet with a precious look-and-feel, conceived to store and display valuable collections. Thanks to the possibility to add soft textile back panels and wooden trays lacquered inside, Ex-Libris can turn into an extremely refined glass cabinet with contrasting details. In the version with grigio and smoke millimetrato glass doors, a thin grid is finely engraved on the glass surface, thus blurring the content and turning the objects stored inside into a sort of mirage, magic entities to discover. Ex-Libris is available in the total transparent version, with shelves, sides and back panels in glass, with or without drawers, as an alternative to back panels in black sugi. To light up the composition it is possible to place on the top 1 or 2 spots each module.

TILLER, Design Piero Lissoni
The Tiller sideboard is available in two models, one vertical with glass shelves, and the other horizontal with optional internal drawers: the perfect solution to store plates, glasses and cutlery. Thanks to the special hinge, the 4 doors can be opened rotating at 180° one over the other, pleasantly changing the unit face design and creating new configurations on the tiller appearance.

INLAY, Design Front
Inlay recovers the inlay technique, an ancient and precious old time tradition. The two models, a sideboard for the dining room and a chest of drawers with two drawers, are covered with a decoration leading to a unique 3D effect, result of an accurate processing technique combining 4 different oak colours and a dark profile. The sideboard exhibits a unique asymmetrical opening and it is internally fitted with simple shelves and separators. The chest of drawers exhibits two drawers, fitted with two internal trays and a single front.

MIKADO, Design Front
Made in olive ash, Mikado is a unit sideboard, ethereal and strongly exotic as well. Consisting of a double layer of wood slates, bent and crossed allowing to see the inside, is closed by two hinged door and can be used as room separator, perfectly finished on any side.

IPERCOLORE, Design Piero Lissoni
Available in two formats raised on metal feet, a sideboard closed with pull-out sliding doors ideal for the living room or the bedroom, and a higher sideboard closed with four hinged doors perfect for the dining room, Ipercolore features clean proportions and the bright colour of the glossy lacquer.