Tori – no – Ichi Festival

The Tori-no-Ichi festival (open-air market) is a famous annual event in November on the day of the Tori (Rooster) in Chinese calendar which has continued to today since the Edo period. Its original form was a harvest festival by peasants to thanks and paying tribute to Hanamata Washidaimyojin, the god of Otori Shrine. People came to the Temple of Tori in Asakusa, Tokyo or in various shrines of Washi to pray for a health, good fortune and good business. Nowadays, the Tori-no-Ichi festival is held at various Otori-jinja shrines found in all parts of Japan, with open-air stalls selling kumade rakes for raking in wealth and good fortune. This good-luck rake is made of bamboo and is decorated with masks and koban (old gold coins). This year the Tori-no-Ichi festival’s celebrations takes place from the 11th to the 23th of November.