Essences - The 16 Porro woods

Warmth, materiality, tradition, experimentation, research, personalization: for Porro, wood is a natural attitude, a long-standing passion, a chosen affinity.
In the panorama of contemporary furnishings, Porro distinguishes itself for its innate capacity to select, work and interpret wood, proposing a particularly broad and accurate range of finishes, declining it in a thoughtful manner, making use of the latest technologies for glossy and matt finishes, as well as precious wood finishing techniques which have been brought back to life from the past.
A true patrimony of the company, the choice of woods is renewed each year and is curated by Lorenzo Porro, who has a deep memory of the history and deep knowledge of the material, together with Piero Lissoni who, with his sensitivity as an architect and designer, suggests nuances and uses which are always innovative.
The vision of the tailor and of the stylist are intertwined in the creation of a new palette, an incredible assortment of offerings in which anyone can find his own preferred essence and use it at will in systems and parts of the collection, to suggest a sartorial approach to the product, a bespoke service which allows one to adapt the product according to one's taste.