Showroom Sartorial - Beijing (China)



Quintessence of brand’s customization, Porro’s wardrobes have been chosen to furnish ‘Sartorial’, the new luxury boutique in the centre of Beijing

Located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, inside the prestigious shopping Jiaming Center, Sartorial is a refined boutique dedicated to Italian luxury couture. The precious soul of the shop, owned by Kieran Wang, represents the “realm of the closets” embellished by container solutions with a high emotional impact.?
Like a custom-made dress, the wardrobes represent the quintessence of Porro’s customization and bespoke service: original and cutting-edge space solutions, accurate finishings of doors and interiors, but above all through the rationalisation and optimisation of interiors. Added value, the wide range of components and accessories, so that the objects inside - shirts, clothes and one’s most beloved accessories - are not just safe and tidy, but exhibited and valued as well, with the obsessive attention to hidden details which makes a wardrobe by Porro different from any other, a world apart.

Laid out over an area of approximately 200 square meters, Sartorial expresses in the elegance of the selected furniture the ideal modern man’s living room. Protagonist in the main environment is the system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets STORAGE declined in different versions. Presented in a wide “trunk effect” composition and declined in an expressive finish like mongoi, the open wardrobe interchanges racks and trouser hangers, wooden shelves and lightened shelves.
In the opposite position, a STORAGE open wardrobe consisting of bright inclined planes, is used as exposure of the shirts. The setting is further emphasized by the presence of a central drawer unit, tailor-Made, a reworking of the STORAGE Air System realized in transparent glass, with pull-out drawers.
In the ‘ties’s room’, the STORAGE wardrobe with hinged Iron doors and brass profiles, tailor-made, is matched by the statuesque presence of the Reflection mirror, also equipped with brass frame. A similar composition is also detected in the elegant room reserved for VIP clients, graced by the presence of sophisticated Porro’s furnishings.
Groove bench and Ghiaccio chair complete the Porro’s proposal for Sartorial, testifying the brand’s fondness for wood. Simplicity, balance and symmetry identify Groove: made of natural Hemlock solid wood, a fine Nordic essence, is placed at the entrance of the boutique; low and comfortable armchair, with its structure in natural ash enriched with fabric soft cushion, Ghiaccio decorates the relax area.

Porro’s technical expertise and creativity have created a sartorial approach that, proposing tailor-Made solutions fully customizable, proving unique the environments in which they are inserted: elegant spaces with an open and welcoming spirit, in a game of balance between the purity of the architectural forms and the attention to details.