Storage closets for the new Park View Manor in Shenzen



Able to efface itself in small rooms and in the meantime to define large spaces by creating original living sets, Porro’s system of wardrobes and walk-in closets has been chosen to furnish all the apartments of the new Park View manor condominium in Shenzen.
The two 45-story residential towers include housing solutions of various sizes with large windows that open up to the bay and the China Resources skyscraper, symbol of the city: 513 Porro cabinets furnish the master bedrooms, the dressing rooms and the guest rooms with customized solutions providing high quality and strong aesthetic impact.
The supply includes in-line or corner wardrobes in different sizes with cenere hemlock interiors closed by iron doors with transparent or mirrored glass, inserted in a niche and made to measure to adapt to different types of apartment. The wide and practical range of interior fittings, such as drawers, shelves, clothes rods, sweaters holders, trousers hangers and internal lights, make each composition impeccable.
Complete program, designed to be functional and practical, Storage gets through every dimension barrier and it satisfied every organizational and stylistic need by its new concept.

Project information

Destination: residential tower.
Principal: Hua Run Yue Fy
Location: Binhai Avenue / Keyuan Road, Nanshan Distric, Shenzen
Year: 2018
Porro products: Storage wardrobes